Incentives for Landlords through RI’s Housing Now Campaign

Have a vacant rental unit?

Rhode Island’s Housing Now Campaign is a real opportunity for landlords to help their fellow Rhode Islanders while also getting some economic security during these unprecedented times.

There are specific financial benefits for landlords: 

  • Guaranteed rental income is not dependent on the tenants’ income fluctuating – an individual pays 30% of their monthly income and the rest is guaranteed.
  • A $2000 bonus for the first unit and a $500 bonus for each additional participating unit.
  • Up to $2000 for move-in upgrades like minor renovations and repairs.
  • First and last month’s rent.
  • Housing Retention services, which means fewer vacancies and less turnover.
  • Assistance in bringing units to code.
  • Service providers who can assist with screening to ensure a good fit and help solve any potential issues.

Interested in finding out more, visit:

RI’s Housing Now Campaign



Amy Hoag

Amy Hoag