Open Houses and Sticky Fingers

It’s always a good reminder that you can’t be too careful. I grew up in a safe community and as an adult live and work in a safe community.  However, you can’t be too careful. I was reminded of that last week as I was gardening in front of one of my rental properties. My car was parked across the street, I was no more than 15 feet away at any given time and I left my car unlocked as I was back and forth getting gardening tools. When I went to leave an hour later, my purse was gone; stolen from my car which I was never more than 15 feet from. I lost my wallet, car and house keys and many incidentals. All credit/debit cars have been cancelled and are in the process of being replaced, car keys have been replaced (this is an expensive process these days with programmed car fobs), house locks have been re-keyed and I got to go shopping for a new purse and wallet (the bright side I guess).  In total it cost me roughly $600 to re-key or replace everything that was lost. Not a huge amount, but I could certainly have done something more fun with that $600. This was an inconvenience and a nuisance and also a good reminder that you can’t be too careful. When your realtor advises you to lock up or remove your valuables before an open house, please do so. You may think that your home is in a safe community and nothing like that would happen, but you just never know.  You can’t be too careful! 

The New York Times recently ran an article titled Sticky Fingers and Open Houses. It’s an easy read and a good reminder that you can’t be too careful!



Amy Hoag

Amy Hoag