Aquidneck Island

Getting Around Newport and Aquidneck Island

This is an important step for several reasons. There are many differences between the three communities that encompass Aquidneck Island and many more differences among the communities in the surrounding areas on the main land of Rhode Island. It helps to get a familiarity with them, their “look”, their personality, their amenities, etc. and where they are located in relation to your job and your interests.

I go over the role of a Designated Client Representative and the representation it entails.

I give each client at this get-together (whether it be in my office, your home or in your hotel room) a Buyer’s Packet with information specific to particular communities and the State of Rhode Island. It gives the buyer a scope of the variety of lifestyles available in Rhode Island.

If the research isn’t done beforehand of homes we’ll be viewing, then this is the time to do it together at my computer. Clients can see for themselves whether or not the criteria they have (or wish to have) is actually available. If not, we can tweak it to come as close as possible.

After we’ve refined the search, appointments get made. This can be an area of surprise to many clients who have bought and sold homes in other states. Viewing homes in Rhode Island is not as easy as in other areas of the country. Lockboxes are rarely used. Most often, the listing agent who represents the seller will meet us at the property and present it to us. Needless to say, there is a lot of coordination in setting up showing appointments. It must be a convenient time for the seller to vacate the property, a time when the listing agent is available and a time that works for my client and me. In Rhode Island, we are accustomed to this system. However, to buyers relocating from other areas of the country, it can be quite frustrating. If possible, it is very important to drive by a property first to rule it in or out; if not, once we arrive at the appointment courtesy to the listing agent should be given by viewing the interior of the house even if the exterior is enough to rule it out for you. We can certainly go through quickly and move on, but we should respect him/her for showing up, unlocking the house and presenting it, by viewing the interior.

New Homes…although not impossible to find, buyers should realize that open space is limited especially on Aquidneck Island. Therefore, new homes are priced at a premium.

I also go over what it takes to make an offer, such as having a pre-approval letter to accompany it, what the Rhode Island Purchase and Sales Agreement consists of, and the other steps in our journey. Even if a buyer is a seasoned one, having bought and sold many properties in the past, if he/she is coming from another area, terminology and methods may be different here.

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