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In Rhode Island, Rhode Island General Law 5-20.6 “allows a real estate broker or salesperson to provide real estate services to you whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord. The minimum level of service required by law will depend on the type of relationship that you have with a real estate licensee.”

Rhode Island law requires all real estate licensees to perform certain basic duties of a TRANSACTION FACILITATOR when dealing with any buyer/tenant or seller/landlord. By default, a licensee is a TRANSACTION FACILITATOR. You can expect all real estate licensees to provide the following customer level services:

• To perform ministerial/customary acts to assist the buyer/tenant or seller/landlord in the sale, purchase or rental of real estate;

• To perform these acts with honesty, good faith, reasonable skill and care;

• To properly account for money or property placed in the care and responsibility of the brokerage;

• To disclose to the buyer/tenant and/or seller/landlord all adverse material facts about the property which are actually known by the licensee

If you choose and if offered by the real estate brokerage, you may become a client and receive representation. A Designated Client Representative is a real estate licensee who represents a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord in a real estate transaction and advocates on your behalf. You can expect to receive all of the duties expected from a facilitator as well as the advice, counsel, advocacy and representation from your representative. Anything you tell your representative remains confidential during and after the transaction. A representative can provide you with a competetive market analysis (CMA).

A Neutral Dual Facilitator is an individual real estate licensee who assists a buyer and a seller or a tenant and a landlord in the same transaction and must be neutral to any conflicting interests between the parties to the transaction.

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